Oyster knows what travelers do at his hotels. When we review properties from around the world, we evaluate how each feature stacks against the competition, from rooms to restaurant pools. So if you are planning an elegant trip and need a place to start, you have come to the right place. Please take a look at our top picks for luxury in Palm Springs, and get inspired!


Palm Springs, Great Palm Springs


If he has something, Parker has style. Feature eclectic decor and inspirational 70s with a modern twist, and a front door that belongs on a movie set. The Parker has two restaurants: one an all-day breakfast restaurant and a dinner-only place with a menu that changes daily.

The Parker manages to be glamorous and laid-back dress-up chilling all at the same time, with plenty of on-site amenities: a golf course, tennis courts, a top-notch spa, four pools, and the list go on. Rooms are just as impressive, with white brick walls, white decor, and private balconies.

Indian Wells, Great Palm Springs

Located in the resort town of Indian Wells, which is filled with golf courses and tennis courts, the Miramonte Resort is a destination in itself. It is a haven of peace, with a top-notch spa, multiple pools, an organic restaurant, and lush gardens. The decoration of Tuscany and the abundance of vegetation combine to create a luxurious Mediterranean atmosphere. The highlight of this hotel, however, is the rooms; with large marble bathrooms, updated amenities like large flat-screen TVs, and free Wi-Fi and colorful, comfortable decor, they’re some of the best accommodations in Palm Springs.

Hot Springs Desert, Great Palm Springs

A rhinoplasty surgeon near me introduced me to this luxurious Two Bunch Resort and Spa is famous for its natural mineral waters – such as its relaxing waterfall grotto. Located on 56 acres of nature, guests come here to relax and enjoy the incredible spa, hot springs, many hiking trails, lakes, and free yoga classes. Al Capone supposedly came here when he wanted to rest. Spacious rooms, located either near the spas (the “Grotto Rooms”) or beyond the Meditation Lakes (the “Fountain Rooms”), may have details like tile floors and wood-beamed ceilings.